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Your Business Deserves a Good Surveillance Security System


When it comes to securing your business, it’s always better to try to prevent some things, rather than having to react to them. Regardless of the services you provide, your business is not exempt from being targeted so a good security surveillance system is highly recommended. It can mitigate armed robbery, save you money on your insurance, reduce pilferage and allow for rapid response in the event of an incident at your business place.

Choosing a security surveillance system can seem overwhelming to anyone, because of the wide range of options available in the market. There are so many different brands, sizes and resolutions to consider, along with other features such as motion and light detection.

You want to make sure that when choosing a digital surveillance option, you're not wasting money by purchasing unnecessary equipment, while at the same time, not inhibiting your ability to gain the security you are after. As with many of your technology needs, Advanced Computers can assist you with this. We've had enough experience in the industry to properly filter through the do's and don'ts, while still keeping future expansion in mind. 

While CCTV cameras were all the rave when they first came out, they are well known for their poor quality, especially the farther away the camera is from the object they are capturing. Getting a decent facial shot could be a challenge because of poor resolution.

Thankfully, advancements in digital photography has taken care of that issue. Some high-resolution cameras are now able to pick up even the text on a receipt from 30 feet away. With a Digital Surveillance solution from Advanced Computers,, you'll never have to worry about not being able to "see" the scene clearly. It will be as if you were there, watching it happen.

How would you like to eliminate the need to purchase and store your video tapes on a continual basis? Digital cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) take tapes right out of the equation. The digital cameras are constantly on and broadcasting to the DVR. The DVR sends its recordings over your secure network to your server where the files are then stored.

With built in analytics, your DVR can be programmed to only record when certain events are triggered such as an alarm goes off, motion is detected, specific times etc. This allows you the complete control over the image, and thus, the file size. You can also log into the system and access live footage remotely on your mobile device. Advanced Computers advises our clients on all options available, the best one for your business and consult with you on best practices for your business before we sign a contract to set up your surveillance system. For more information about our Security Camera solution or how Advanced Computers can present you with options to keep your business safe, call us today at (212) 532-9500.

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Monday, April 06 2020

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